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From ancient towns to big trendy metropoles. From beautiful scenery to a different language in just a couple of hours.

Oui oui, Paris

The French capital city is just something magical. Often romanticized and in many movies you’ll see shots of this great city. We love to come back each time. Over the years we’ve made it several times already, and yet there is always something new to discover. If it is your...

Fairy tale land

Lately we had that feeling that we could see so much more than we’re actually doing. Even if it is close to home. On holidays we also wouldn’t mind driving for a while just to visit a place. Why shouldn’t we do this at home, is what we thought. For that reason we set our...

Under the Tuscan sun

Tuscany Probably you’ve been there before as it is one of Italy’s most visited areas. And for a good reason. For years it is known for old farms on the countryside, medieval towns where time seems to stood still, fantastic wines, delicious ice creams and where making pasta is...