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Recently we added Indonesia to our destinations in Asia. Of course there’s so much more to see and talk about this beautiful country. This continent definitely made us hungry for more.

PADI in Indonesia

Before we finally start our trip to Australia, we went on a short holiday to Indonesia. To be more precise, Bali and Gili Air (pronounce as Ayr – which is Indonesian for water). Main reason to go here: getting our PADI diving license. Check. So, arriving in Bali was the first part of the journey. After saying goodbye to our families, the next week would...

First time to Thailand

When you think of Thailand and never been there before, you only think of the stories of mass tourism, shabby hostels, dirty places and other horror stories. At least we had to overcome a little bit of this. All it took was a few days enough to change our minds 180 degrees. Don’t let the rain season scare you off Traveling to Thailand in rain season (or...