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Underwater world of Tangalooma and how to keep it alive


Finally! After 5 months of not diving we decided to explore the underwater world, here on Moreton Island. We have been snorkeling along the ship wrecks, but it’s finally time to stay under water a bit longer and have a look around.

The ship wrecks provide a safe place for boats to anchor, but also it created a new coral reef system. The plants and coral are beautiful to look at and many creatures calling it their home. It’s home to some turtles, reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, shovel nose sharks, stone fish, lion fish and many more species. Interesting fact, did you know half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea? The coral reef system are the oceans’ lungs and plants. Instead of killing it, as we currently do, we should nurture it. Plastic pollution is the number 1 reason by the year 2050 there won’t be any coral reef if we do nothing.

A very simple solution is to “take 3“. This organization stimulates to take three pieces of rubbish when walking along the beach. Animals can’t see the difference between food and plastic and mistakenly eat it. The problem with plastic is that it is not biodegradable. It’s even worse, it ‘breaks down’ into smaller pieces of microplastic and eventually nanoplastic. This proces releases greenhouse gas which contributes the current climate change.

There are a few things we can do with this problem. Last year, Indonesia even deployed 8000 troops to clean up the river, where plastic is a very everyday problem. We should start to change our relationship with plastic. Yes, it’s very convenient, and yes, we should adapt it into our own lives too, but instead of using it, we should start refusing it.

This is what we can do
Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are being bought. With every reusable bottle you use on a tap or other quality fresh water source, you refuse to buy a bottle of water.

Bring your own recycled bag. In general, this product is used for a couple of minutes to carry your stuff and then to be thrown away. Leave a bag in your car, at work or close to your front door so you remind yourself to actually bring one.

Straws may look nice on your cocktail, but do we really need them? When ordering always ask for ‘ no straws please’, stimulate businesses not to use them any longer or use stainless steel straws and sustainably-sourced paper alternatives.

Cigarette butts are still number one found item on ocean and beach clean ups. The problem is that it leaks a lot of nicotine, heavy metals and ethylphenol in the ocean and so our food chain. Please always throw your cigarettes away in the bin, or even better for yourself too, do not smoke at all.

Coral Gardeners
We came along a very cool project when checking social media. The Coral Gardeners started their project on Tahiti, where they created a nursery for dead coral. You can even adopt a piece of coral, or even a coral nursery table. No matter how big or small your effort is, at least you try.

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