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Archive - juni 2019

Underwater world of Tangalooma and how to keep it alive

  Finally! After 5 months of not diving we decided to explore the underwater world, here on Moreton Island. We have been snorkeling along the ship wrecks, but it’s finally time to stay under water a bit longer and have a look around. The ship wrecks provide a safe place for boats to anchor, but also it created a new coral reef system. The plants and coral...

First video online on Youtube

G’day! Glad to announce that we’ve finally made a video about our first few months here on Moreton Island. What took us so long? We wanted to make sure we know what we’re talking about so we needed time to settle in, figuring out the technical parts, and, of course, getting the right equipment a.k.a. DRONE!! Have a look for yourself. Don’t...