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G’day mate, welcome to Brisbane

Straya mate! We made it. Touchdown on Australian soil in the city of Brisbane and we immediately felt good. After getting through customs, which was much easier than you might remember from Border Security tv show, we made our way to our AirBnB. Let the adventure begin!

With a population of over 2.4 million inhabitants, you wouldn’t expect Brisbane to be so relaxed and very easy to explore. As the city center is quite compact, you can walk almost everywhere to see the highlights. Don’t feel very comfortable walking a couple of km’s? Take a Lime scooter! They are very cool and easy to use.

As most people won’t stay too long in the city and just use it as a stop on their itinerary, you want to make most out of it. When staying in CBD (Central Business Disctrict), there’s nothing that we can recommend more than a coffee and an avocado toast at Coffee Anthology for a great ‘breaky’. With a stomach filled you’re ready to explore the Botanical Park, just around the corner. Walk up along the river on the eastern side of CBD until the Story Bridge for some great skyline views. Cross the district for some shopping and to get yourself to the west side of the center and make your way along the bridge to Southbank. Especially in summertime it is a perfect way to spend your afternoon sunbathing at Streets Beach.
After a refreshing swim and more Skyline views you’ll probably became hungry. Continue your walk in the South direction and you will stumble across a couple of very nice restaurants. Good to remember this place for after sunset which you will want to witness from Kangaroo Point. On this hill you’ll have the most amazing sunset views over the city. Bring some nice food and drinks if you decide to have a romantic picnic there. When the sun goes down and you’re tired of the long walk, you can cross the foot bridge to CBD again. A day well spent.

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