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PADI in Indonesia

Before we finally start our trip to Australia, we went on a short holiday to Indonesia. To be more precise, Bali and Gili Air (pronounce as Ayr – which is Indonesian for water). Main reason to go here: getting our PADI diving license. Check.

So, arriving in Bali was the first part of the journey. After saying goodbye to our families, the next week would basically consist of taking a holiday before we got to Australia and travel and work on our Working Holiday Visa. After two days on the island of Bali we took the fast boat to Gili Air. There are many companies who go that direction so it is pretty easy to book a boat.

From the minute we arrived on this tiny island we felt like we made the right decision to leave hectic Bali. This island just breathes tranquility and has a very chilled out vibe. It is usually nice weather combined with clear blue waters, cute little coffee bars and lots of places to spend the night. Not to mention the most amazing sunset every night. So many places to go on such a small island. In only one hour you probably have walked around the island. 

As said, we were coming for our PADI’s, as well as to enjoy the island. Our hosts from the Gili Air Diving Center were already waiting for us at the Coffee & Thyme coffee bar. Coincidently they were from the same city as we’re from (Breda, Netherlands) so instantly we had a great connection and a warm welcome. Wilfred and Ilse are perfect examples of two people who followed their dreams by opening a dive shop on a tropical island and tried to provide jobs and a better existence for local Lombok families. Especially since this region had to deal with several weather conditions and mother nature. Where others left the island, Fred and Ilse stayed and tried to get the place back on their feed as soon as possible. 

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