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The Pacific North West

When you make your plans of visiting the West Coast of the United States, chances are big you’ll find fly & drives to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. At least, that’s what we’ve encountered and heard from our friends who have taken this route. Now we’re pretty sure that that will be very nice too, we decided to take the opposite direction and head to the Pacific North West. 

To some probably very known, to others maybe not. The PNW is roughly from Vancouver to San Francisco and everything in between. Rough coastlines, enormous forests, snowy mountains and laidback cities. No matter how downtown you’ll get, nature is always very close.

When you’ll be driving the same route we did you have basically two options, coastline or inner country. If you have the time, do pick both but when it’s limited (we had only three weeks), you’ll be on the road a lot. We had roughly a day or 4 to drive from Seattle, via Portland, along the coast downwards to San Francisco. Reason to take the route going south is that you’ll have the ocean on your right side instead of another road and cars blocking your views.

The local folks will be happy to tell you everything about the region that they call home, the PNW. They say when God created the earth, He started in the PNW and put all the beauty in this region instead of spreading it over the country.

Together with Portland it’s one of those few cities where we both said that IF we have to live abroad, it might be here. Vancouver has so much to offer. It’s the gateway to the great outdoors but also a financial and business city. Everything you’ll need can be found there. Summers can be nice and warm while winters are what you expect of it. With ski slopes overlooking the city, magnificent forests and lakes in the near area, fine dining in the city, nice coffee places and friendly people, it’s hard not to like this city. Even Orca’s, or Killer whales as you like, have been spotted in the harbor.

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