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Fairy tale land

Lately we had that feeling that we could see so much more than we’re actually doing. Even if it is close to home. On holidays we also wouldn’t mind driving for a while just to visit a place. Why shouldn’t we do this at home, is what we thought.

For that reason we set our alarms quite early and were on the road at 7 o’clock on our free Saturday. We wanted to see the Burg Eltz and the Mosel region. The weather was good and arrived quite early at the castle too. We knew we had to be early, it was nice weather, school holiday and everything was pretty in autumn colors.

The Mosel region is a very nice region with wine ranks on the hills close the river. And as you know us, we just had to taste that. There are many walkways to get to the wine ranks and up on the hill. We parked the car in a corner of the road and walked further up. You’ll have amazing views as the river finds its way through the valley. We could see why lots of people visit this area.

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