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New York

Many times we are in search for the trails that are unexplored. We want to visit cities that are unknown. Places that have their unique and authentic look and feeling. But we seem to forget that it is ok to visit places that have been discovered already. Paths that have been walked a million times. Cities where the upcoming neighborhoods aren’t that upcoming anymore.

New York is one of those places. Lots of people travel to this city for many reasons. But this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the city and delete it from our bucket list. New York is definitely worth a visit, if you don’t mind the busy streets.

What got me directly when we arrived on JFK was that it all seemed familiar. It looked like the video games I used to play and walking through the city reminded me of the movies and series I’ve seen. This doesn’t mean I should have left my camera at home. Actually, I’m glad that I brought it and took many pictures. So many different things are happening, I still scroll through my pictures and discover new things on these pictures.

9/11 Memorial
A place that must be visited is the 9/11 memorial. I’m sure almost everyone remembers where they were and they were doing on the horrible event that happened on the 11th of September 2001. A great job has been done by creating a place where victims and survivors are being honored. Go actually inside the building and walk around, in silence.

Freedom Tower
The New World Trade Center, or better called the Freedom Tower, rises from the ground overlooking Manhattan and the surrounding neighborhoods and New Jersey. In roughly a minute, the elevator brings you to the 102
nd floor, which gives you one of the best views on the city.

Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park
New York doesn’t have to be that expensive. Most attractions are free to watch from the streets or from the other side of the water. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and take a chance to look back. At the end of the bridge turn left and another left into Washington Street. As you walk into this street, look through Manhattan Bridge and see the Empire State Building peeking through. If you do this an hour before sunset, you get to experience perfect light for photography. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge Park and have the best views onto lower Manhattan.

High Line
Continue to the Meat Packing District and walk up the High Line. Years ago there used to be a rail road track on street level. That caused many injured people and even deaths. That’s why it was decided to raise the line and factories were still able to receive and deliver their supplies. When the track got unused, years later funds have been risen and a park has been created. Walk this historic line and get a to know this industrial part of Manhattan.

Low Line
Completely the opposite is this mind blowing invention. The High Line is above street level, the Low Line will be something different. In 2021 an abandoned subway station will be converted into an underground park. Therefore, studies have to be completed and another 10 million dollar is needed to complete this project. The Low Line Lab is a place, just around the corner of where the underground park will be created, is a test lab. A year ago they started planting seeds in a dark environment. Plants and flowers have already turned green and other colors. Last summer even strawberries grew in the dark!

People that are an enthusiast for photography, walk up to Delmonico’s, behind Wall Street and next to historic Stone Street. Wait for a yellow cab to pass by and nail that picture. Not satisfied by the result? Just wait for another cab as they pass by very often.

Flat Iron building
With the Flat Iron building being one of the oldest skyscraper in the city, it is at the same time one of the most unique one. When the night starts to fall in, it is one of the best times to get your pictures. As there have been recent additions in the walking zone in front of the building, pictures just can’t go wrong.

Top of the Rock and the Christmas Tree
Especially when you arrive in Holiday season, New York turns into a Christmas wonderland. In many places you’ll find festive decorations, ice rinks throughout the city and the numerous Christmas trees. We arrived November 30
th, which meant the enlightening of the tree in front of the Rockefeller Center. Best is to arrive later that evening as the crowds becomes less and the tree is actually visible and reachable.

Don’t also forget to reach the Top of the Rock with daylight. Personally I find the view from here the best so far, as you’re also able to see the park very clear, as well as the Empire State building, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Harlem and many more places if you look long enough.

Central Park
Another free attraction is Central Park. With a length of 6 kilometers, this is one of the largest city parks there is. As the first landscaped public parks from the United States, it was the rich landlords that wanted to follow London and Paris in their green zones in the cities. Today you’ll probably need about half a day just to discover the park. Or, if you’ve got some energy left, run the park as there are plenty of walk ways in this green oasis.


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