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You've made it! Welcome to our site where you'll find inspiration, tips and travel related topics. Let's stay in touch! Use #BackpacksAndJetlags in your Instagram posts so we're able to follow you and create a community.

Backpacks&Jetlags from the blog

Road Trip New Zealand

The next video was shot in New Zealand where we travelled to after a year of working and traveling in Australia. There’s a WOW moment after nearly every corner in this beautiful country full of hikes, gorgeous lakes with pristine waters, tropical rainforest, stunning coastlines and lovely beaches. Seriously, what’s not to...

Sydney bound

As you probably know, the first settlers and convicts who reached Australia, landed with their ships on what now is called Circular Quay. Currently home to all the ferries going to the different areas and beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (which you can climb to the top $$$) and the Sydney Opera House. In that same area is a...

Road trip time! A Brisbane to Melbourne guide

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Though Australia has undergone the most horrific bushfires it has ever seen, a very large community relies on income out of tourism. Always check with the local visitor center and fire departments to see where it is declared safe to go. Be responsible while enjoying these beautiful towns and nature and help where you...


About us

Hi there! A little bit about us. We are Jasper and Tessa and we created this growing community called Backpacks & Jetlags. This year couldn't have started any better as we were finally about to start a new adventure.

As for a lot of things in life, you need to earn money first in order to spend it. That's why we headed to Moreton Island, to start working on a resort. On one of Australias biggest sand island we tried to explore as much as we can on our days off or after work.

Currently we have travelled a bit more south and arrived in Port Macquarie. In order to complete our 88 days of farm work for our visa, we found an avocado farm nearby. Guess we get the best of everything, sunshine, a beautiful environment and delicious fruit to enjoy everyday.

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